Turns Out Swihart Was Not to Blame After All!

After the designation of assignment for Red Sox catcher Blake Swihart, some may have figured that the reason why the Red Sox started 6-11 was because of Swihart. Well, unfortunately, things did not get better after this designation. It seems that there was zero effect at all. Chris Sale was paired up with long-time favorite catcher, the freshly called-up Sandy Leon. Even with the two together, they were unable to execute.

Seven hits were allowed through five innings, three of them being extra-base hits. The four runs that Sale ended up allowing were all given up in the third and fourth innings. In the sixth inning, RHP Erasmo Ramirez made his Red Sox debut, and made his presence known by giving up an absolute TANK to virtual unknown, Mike Tauchman. Part of the reason he is so unknown is because he had never hit a home run. Well, now that can be crossed off Tauchman’s list, as he not only hit a home run, but metaphorically urinated on it.

That home run drove in three runs to make it 7-0. Gleyber Torres made it 8-0 in the seventh inning by hitting a home run of his own. Ramirez stayed on the mound through the end of the game in what turned out to be a mop-up situation.

Never mind the pitching staff, but you can’t win if you don’t score. Yankees starter, James Paxton, was incredible, perhaps with the Red Sox’s bats contributing to that perception. He only allowed four baserunners through 8.0 innings, and struck out 12 batters. The Red Sox did have a great scoring opportunity in the 4th inning after a Mookie Betts walk and a Xander Bogaerts double with nobody out. J.D. Martinez, Steve Pearce, and Mitch Moreland all came up, and they all failed to get one run across. Two shallow fly outs to right field and a strikeout was the cause of this. The Red Sox only saw two baserunners after that inning.

The professional way to say it is, “The Red Sox didn’t execute in any way tonight.” The non-professional way to say it is, “The Red Sox sucked in every possible way tonight.”


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