New Red Sox: Jonathan Arauz

Major League Baseball has a draft that is held at the end of the Winter Meetings. Every year, this draft occurs and it allows for teams to take from players that aren’t on other teams’ 40-man roster. A team must put a prospect or player on the 40-man roster to

Offseason Trade Preview : Enter Your Betts

Mookie Betts has been a phenomenal player in the MLB for parts of 6 seasons now and is finally entering his final year of team control.  Unfortunately, he is on a team with severe payroll issues that needs a quick "reset" to get back into contention. Projected to make roughly

A Legendary Thanksgiving Dinner

With it being Thanksgiving, it’s always a good time to pause and reflect. It’s a good time to take stock in life and be thankful for that. It is also a good time to take stock of a Thanksgiving dinner that began a run of winning four World Series titles in

Meet the New Faces: Bobby Dalbec

The Red Sox rounded out their 40-man roster on Tuesday by adding 5 players. Those 5 players, along with the other players on the 40-man roster will be protected from being taken in the Rule 5 draft. It is time to meet the new additions to the roster. Some could

2019 Season Review: Rick Porcello

He was maybe not the most disappointing, but he was certainly the worst. In 2019, Red Sox fans saw why the organization was very hesitant to extend him last Spring Training. The Story of His Season Rick Porcello's season started like seemingly every Red Sox pitcher's season started.  His first three starts

2019 Season Review: Eduardo Rodriguez

In a bleak 2019 season for the Red Sox headlined by underwhelming pitching, Eduardo Rodriguez was a pleasantly surprising diamond in the rough. With Chris Sale and David Price in the starting rotation, no one envisioned the Venezuelan lefty to be the best on the staff. Yet, he finally achieved

The Red Sox Offseason Needs to be Active

The Red Sox are in a bit of a pickle heading into this offseason and into 2020 as well. The spending of Dave Dombrowski led to the team to want to cut payroll, especially given some bad contracts. The Red Sox decided to bring in Chaim Bloom to head their

JD Martinez Does Not Opt Out

One of the big questions in the offseason for the Boston Red Sox has finally been answered. JD Martinez will not be opting out of his contract. He will remain with the Red Sox, and have another opportunity to opt out at the end of 2020. The first to report

2019 Season Review: Chris Sale

Chris Sale had a season to forget with the Red Sox. The team, as a whole, came into 2019 with lofty expectations, and Sale was no different. After recording the final out of the 2018 World Series, Sale went into the offseason hoping to shed his injuries and come back