Stephen Strasburg Odds of Signing with the Boston Red Sox

Sometimes your eyes read something and it just does not make sense. That is the case after Stephen Strasburg notably opted out of the remaining 4 years of his contract on Saturday night. A day before that, Christopher Smith of MassLive wrote an interesting tidbit that the Red Sox have the third-highest odds of signing him.


How does that make any sense? Whoever made these odds should probably not be making odds anymore. It’s the kind of “head in the sand” prediction that makes you wonder if anyone is actually paying attention.

Changing Directions

The Red Sox aren’t going to sign Stephen Strasburg. Let’s be real. Fans got to listen to John Henry and Tom Werner explicitly tell us that the status quo is going to change. They said the payroll was unsustainable. Ownership hired Chaim Bloom who was working for the Tampa Bay Rays. They believe he can deliver winning baseball to Boston without having to spend into Luxury Tax penalties.

Things are going to change and it starts with being out on big-money free agents.

There is exactly zero chance that Strasburg will be paid close to $30 million dollars by the Boston Red Sox. You, the betting odds, are trying to tell me that they have the third-best chance to sign him? This team has approximately $80 million sunk into three guys in the starting rotation in David Price, Nathan Eovaldi, and Chris Sale.

The team needs to shed some payroll, and thinking that the Red Sox can actually add at this point is asinine. The team has some bloated contracts and some difficult decisions to make this offseason and beyond. If the Red Sox even wanted to entertain this idea, they would need to offload some of their contracts, like a David Price, Nathan Eovaldi or any of their other highly paid guys.

No chance. These odds should be as close to zero as possible. Come on now.

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