RSU Podcast #44 – Hot Take Season

Featured Image: Oct. 23, 2018 – Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America courtesy of

The guys are back with their second to last episode before the season gets underway! Hosts Patrick Green, David Latham and Chris Drosehn wanted to get in on the fun of this time of year and we deliver our hot takes surrounding the Red Sox! We start off the show by looking at the Mike Trout extension and how that relates to Mookie Betts. We transition right into our hottest takes about the Red Sox, as it is the season for wild takes that are going to be completely wrong! The takes range from topics of Chris Sale and the starting rotation, all the way down to Brock Holt, and we even throw in some bullpen takes as well (there’s one about Tyler Thornburg!). Check it out, you do not want to miss the fieriest takes of the preseason!

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