Alex Cora Announces Rick Porcello, Eduardo Rodriguez Will Pitch in London

After staying quiet regarding the starting rotation, Red Sox manager Alex Cora finally announced who will start in Boston’s two-game London series against the New York Yankees. According to the second-year manager, Rick Porcello will pitch the first game while Eduardo Rodriguez will take the mound in the series finale.

Rick Porcello, Eduardo Rodriguez to Start Against New York Yankees

Rick Porcello will pitch one more time before the international event, but is coming off the best start of his season. Porcello shut down the red-hot Minnesota Twins, pitching seven scoreless innings while striking out eight and walking just one. So far on the season, Porcello has a 4.31 ERA and a 4.18 FIP in 87.2 innings of work He’s posting a solid 7.60 K/9 and a respectable 2.57 BB/9.

Eduardo Rodriguez, meanwhile, is coming off an adequate start against those same Twins. Like Porcello, Rodriguez managed to go seven innings in his latest matchup. However, unlike Porcello, Rodriguez allowed four runs while striking out nine and walking three. The 26-year old has a 4.71 ERA and a 3.91 FIP in 86.0 innings of work to go along with a 9.73 K/9 and a 2.62 BB/9.

Alex Cora has yet to announce the lineups for this series, and that information probably won’t be released until the series actually begins. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Red Sox and Yankees will partake in a two-game series in London, starting on June 29th. The Red Sox and Yankees have one of the most intense and storied rivalries in sports, and major league baseball is looking to expand their brand over shores. This will be the first major league game ever played in London and will take place in London Stadium, the home of the 2012 Olympics. First pitch is at 10:00, eastern time.

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