Red Sox should keep Brock Holt around

Despite setbacks and trade rumors, the Red Sox should keep Brock Holt around for as long as possible.

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Brock Holt, a 2015 All-Star, has faced more than his fair share of challenges since sustaining a serious concussion back in 2016. Being out of the lineup for a majority of the 2016 and 2017 seasons negatively affected his batting average, which dipped below .200 at times. While he’s playing well now in spring training, there’s still grumblings over whether to keep Brock Holt around on the Red Sox. As a former All-Star and solid clutch hitter, keeping Brock Holt around could become a major boon for the Red Sox.

Brock Holt is a Great Influence on Andrew Benintendi

Holt has never been a power hitter. He only has thirteen career home runs. But he’s a solid clutch hitter who brings a lot of energy to the clubhouse and the field. Every Red Sox fan is well aware of the bromance between he and Andrew Benintendi. Ever since Benintendi became a regular part of the lineup, he and Holt have been all but inseparable. Their Instagram photos show them hanging out a lot together, whether it’s at Holt’s home, or out and about Fort Myers, Florida during spring training. This kind of bromance is not only interesting and fun to see on any team, but Benintendi credits Holt with helping him improve his batting average.

“Brock Holt taped the bottom hand of my bat with some lizard skin,” Benintendi is quoted as saying in a article. “My hand tends to slip off the bat sometimes. And when he does that, it tends to stay on. So got to give credit to Brock Holt.”

Benintendi had an amazing rookie year and certainly would have been the AL Rookie of the Year if it hadn’t been for the Yankees’ Aaron Judge running away with the award. Benintendi finished the 2017 season with 20 home runs and 90 RBIs, a strong showing for a first year player. Benintendi is going to be a key player for the Red Sox this upcoming season and positive energy in the clubhouse and on the field is going to be essential to that dynamic. So not only will Holt’s energize the team, but it’s looking more and more like his injuries from 2016 are a thing of the past.

Holt’s Hitting Above .300 in Spring Training

Holt wasn’t certain he’d have a place with the Red Sox going into the 2018 season, but with Devin Marrero now gone, Holt won’t have to worry about having a ┬áplace on the roster. His .324 batting average in the Grapefruit League this season is giving some fans hope that he’ll be a major contributor this season.

It would be a good thing for the Red Sox to keep Brock Holt, especially since he’s healthier now, doing better at the plate, and brings a lot of energy to the team. He’s a veteran now and in years to come I could see him being another Johnny Pesky on and off the field.

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