Red Sox poised to make history this season

The Red Sox pitching staff should not only be making all other teams in the American League feeling nothing but frustration, but it makes the Red Sox poised to make some real history this season.

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Chris Sale topped 300 K’s last season. David Price and Rick Porcello are Cy Young Winners. Steve Wright was an All-Star. Eduardo Rodriguez is finding his groove after two seasons. Drew Pomeranz led the team with a .739 winning percentage last season. Craig Kimbrel saved 35 games last season. If this pitching staff isn’t the making of a World Series team then I don’t know what is.

The offseason buzz had everyone talking about how the New York Yankees would be unstoppable this season with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge in their lineup. But pitchers know their weaknesses at this point and hopefully will be able to exploit them. That knowledge will make it difficult for teams like the Yankees to stay ahead of American League pitchers, especially the Red Sox. In fact, there’s two big factors that will challenge other teams this season: 1) an immaculate pitching staff, and 2) a healthy pitching rotation.

The Red Sox have already made history and it’s only the second week of the 2018 season. According to @SoxNotes on Twitter, Red Sox starters have allowed only one or zero runs in the team’s first five games of the season. Since 1908, there’s only been two teams whose starters gave up one or zero runs in five consecutive games at the start of a season: the 1988 San Francisco Giants, and the 1943 St. Louis Cardinals; The Cardinals won the National League pennant that season. In his second start of the season, Chris Sale held the Miami Marlins to one earned run through five innings while striking out six. That 4-2 win in thirteen innings marks the sixth consecutive win in which their starter held the opposing team to one run.

With the start that the Red Sox have made this season, opposing teams will be wise to think twice before their hitters step into the batter’s box. If the Red Sox can stay healthy and focused, especially their pitchers, there’s little reason that their offense can’t support the pitching rotation. On top of that though, with the Red Sox poised to make history this season, as they already have, it’s possible we’ll see them win their third straight AL East title.

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