Red Sox Accept Invitation to the White House to Celebrate World Series Title

The Red Sox will visit the White House next year and Alex Cora plans to attend.

Featured Photo Courtesy of (Oct. 27, 2018 – Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America)

The Red Sox have announced that they will accept President Trump’s invitation to celebrate their 2018 World Series Championship at the White House.

Usually, this would not be news, as mostly all professional sports champions (as well as some collegiate ones) have been visiting the White House since the Reagan era in the 80s. However, with teams such as the Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia Eagles refusing the invitation in the past couple of years since Trump took office, there was no guarantee that the Red Sox would go.

On Monday, Red Sox president Sam Kennedy announced that the team would accept the invitation to be honored at the White House. He did not announce a date, but there is some speculation that it could be during spring training or on an off day early in the season.

Kennedy stated that the trip is an invitation and is not mandatory, and there is no word yet as to which players may or may not attend.

One person who will be in attendance is manager Alex Cora, who said that he will use the platform “the right way” to represent the 4 million people from his home country of Puerto Rico. Cora has been critical of Trump in the past due to his controversial comments about Puerto Rico.

In the days to come, I’m sure we will all be alerted about which players will be joining Cora, Kennedy and Trump at the White House next year, and which players will not, whether for personal or political reasons.

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