Cancel the Season, the Boston Red Sox Lost

The Boston Red Sox bullpen gave up six runs to blow a four-run lead, slugger J.D. Martinez went 0-3, and clearly all hope is lost.

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The Boston Red Sox season is one game old, and all hope for the season is already dead. The bullpen showed that there’s no way that it can ever go two innings without surrendering six runs. Carson Smith will never find his 2015 form, Joe Kelly will hold a 108 ERA the entire season, and it’s time to start tanking.

The Boston Red Sox Lost, Cancel the Season

It’s been statically proven beyond a doubt that a one-game sample size is an accurate way to predict how an entire 162-game season will turn out. Just look back to 2015 Opening Day. The Red Sox won their season opener 9-0 on the heels of five home runs, including two from Hanley Ramirez. Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that the 2015 Boston Red Sox were synonymous with offensive firepower, elite pitching, and clutch play by Hanley Ramirez.

In that same vein, it’s time to chalk J.D. Martinez up as a bust. After going 0-3 with a walk, he’s already challenging Pablo Sandoval and Carl Crawford for the title of worst Red Sox free agent signing ever. In fact, he probably surpassed them already. The only reason to keep watching the season is to see how long it will take before Martinez officially becomes the biggest free agent bust of all time.

And let’s not even begin with the bullpen. Alex Cora, managing his first game, left the worst pitcher of all time, Joe Kelly, in way too long. How Cora still has a job is beyond me. The Red Sox chose Bobby Poyner over Robby Scott in spring training, but couldn’t trust him. Let’s ignore the fact that Scott’s not that good to begin with and was a walking disaster in spring training. Everything is Cora’s fault, or Dave Dombroski’s for not building a perfect roster.

That was sarcasm

Yes, this loss hurts. The Sox had this one wrapped up, and they blew it late. Being completely serious, Cora left Kelly in for one or two batters too many. But, this was also his first game as a manager. He’ll get better. Also, most of the blame falls on Kelly and Smith for not throwing strikes. No amount of in-game managing can help if the pitchers can’t find the strike zone.

The bullpen is the biggest weakness on this team, but it’s statically impossible for it to remain as bad as it was today. Teams blow leads. These sort of things happen. Joe Kelly isn’t an elite reliever, but he’s not as bad as his 108 ERA suggests. Carson Smith had a bad game, but he looked good in 2017. This performance was probably just a fluke.

This isn’t like football, where one loss can drastically alter the course of a season. This was one loss out of 162 games. This won’t sink the Red Sox season, just like how this one win doesn’t make the Tampa Bay Rays world series contenders. There’s a new game tomorrow, and the Sox are still well positioned to win the series.

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