Boston Red Sox reveal rotation plans to begin the season

Alex Cora sets plan for Red Sox rotation for the 2018 season

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Manager Alex Cora revealed in a postgame press conference on Tuesday that Chris Sale will serve as the Boston Red Sox Opening Day starter, followed by David Price and Rick Porcello in the rotation. After that, the plan is to have Brian Johnson as their 4th or 5th starter. The last spot in the rotation is where it gets tricky.

Candidates Eduardo Rodriguez and Steven Wright are question marks to begin the season. Both are recovering from knee surgeries and are preparing to get ready for the regular season.

According to a WEEI article from Rob Bradford,  Cora reportedly said Rodriguez will pitch three innings three days from now. He also said this, in reference to when the earliest we could see the southpaw pitch, on Wednesday morning to reporters:

“Kind of like, if it happens, it’s going to be in Tampa, I’m saying that’s not like …. it’s less than 50 percent. But if it happens, it’s that day,”

In other words, E-Rod could be pitching for Boston in their first series of the season against the Tampa Bay Rays. The assumption is he would pitch in the series finale on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in the same article, the Red Sox skipper went onto say Wright is still an option to begin the year in the rotation.

For him, the day that he pitches is not the one that it matters. It’s the day after. We’ll see how he reacts after that. He’s still in play.”

There is a decent chance one of those guys steps up and claims the 4th spot. If neither of them are able to, however, Hector Velazquez will be in the rotation come Opening Day.

Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham divulged additional information about the potential rotation on Twitter this morning.

Circling back to Sale, this will be his first Opening Day start for the Boston Red Sox. Rick Porcello took the ball for Boston to begin the 2017 season.

Stay tuned for more information on the situation as the final week before Opening Day progresses.

Quick Opinion:

I have nothing controversial to add about the top three in the rotation for Alex Cora. It is logical and orders them from best to worst. Brian Johnson in the back of the rotation makes sense as well, given the injured state of Rodriguez, Wright and Pomeranz.

With that said, a part of me wonders if the 4th (or “last”) spot in the rotation is being handled properly. I will let this Twitter exchange between Pete Abraham and the Red Sox Unfiltered Twitter account (me) explain why.


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    […] the news broke on Friday, he was a consideration for a spot in the rotation on Opening Day. At the same time, however, he has been recovering from knee surgery. As such, he was questionable […]

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