Do you want to be a part of the up-and-coming, go-to place for exceptional Red Sox content? Well, we are in search of staff writers to join our rapidly expanding Red Sox website.

Why join Red Sox Unfiltered?

Joining Red Sox Unfiltered offers numerous, unique opportunities. First of all, we are a fresh platform to the Red Sox’ blog game and possess unrivaled determination in pursuit of becoming something special. With us, you could become a key component in developing us into a premier Red Sox site. Consequently, there is plenty of room for upward mobility, here.

Our site’s mission is to deliver objective and creative content to the Red Sox community. Quality is our policy.

It is unique to join a team, like ours, who is completely dedicated to this standard. We will never diminish the quality of our work for quantity purposes. Readers will come to us based on are high-caliber work, not because of rushed, forced pieces for the sake of content purposes. Quality, as our policy, does not just ensure our site has a distinct reputation but challenges our team to become better writers, as well.

We also have multiple dimensions to Red Sox Unfiltered. Outside of the blog, we have implemented a weekly podcast to the site, where team members will potentially have the opportunity to contribute to this oral platform. This can be achieved in one of two ways: joining the Red Sox Unfiltered main podcast or creating their own sub-Red Sox Unfiltered Podcast. There would have to be approval about the creation of a site podcast, but it is certainly in the realm of possibility.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for writers who can bring original, objective content to the site. Further, we are looking for people to write game recaps and news articles. These two may or may not be mutually exclusive, meaning if you are interested in just writing recaps and news articles, you can strictly write about that but you do not have to.

We ask for a commitment of, at least, two pieces of content (opinion, news, recaps, podcast, etc.) a week. Now, that is not a fixed number, so if you can only contribute one  piece a week, exceptions can be made, contingent on the quality of your work. There is also some compensation involved.

Here are basic tenets to follow for being a writer at Red Sox Unfiltered:

  • Quality over quantity. It is a common expression, yet it is infrequently followed. At Red Sox Unfiltered, producing quality content is absolutely the site’s main mission. Through our objective and creative articles, readers should be able to walk away with a new perspective.
  • Objectivity. We ask that all our writers try to remain as objective as possible in their work. This does not, however, preclude you from writing opinion articles. In fact, we love the opinion piece. We just encourage, if you are to do one, to use as much hard evidence as possible.
  • Passion. Writing can be difficult, redundant and stressful. Every writer knows that. They also know that writing about something you are passionate about makes the whole process a lot easier and more meaningful. Love the Boston Red Sox and your craft. It helps.
  • Communication. We want all of our writers to feel comfortable sharing their ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. to every member of the staff. It is why our team will be comprised of open-minded and affable individuals.

If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, I highly encourage you to apply through the contact form below. If you have any questions, you can reach me through Thanks!

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