2019 Season Review: Eduardo Rodriguez

In a bleak 2019 season for the Red Sox headlined by underwhelming pitching, Eduardo Rodriguez was a pleasantly surprising diamond in the rough. With Chris Sale and David Price in the starting rotation, no one envisioned the Venezuelan lefty to be the best on the staff. Yet, he finally achieved

RSU Podcast #45 – The Betting Episode

Photo credit: Oct. 17, 2018 - Source: Getty Images North America retrieved from Zimbio.com The guys are back with their final episode of the offseason! The next podcast there will be real baseball to talk about. Join co-hosts Patrick Green, Dave Latham and Chris Drosehn on this exciting predictions episode of

Xander Bogaerts: Boston Red Sox 2019 Preview

Xander Bogaerts 2019

Just about everyone on the Boston Red Sox had a good year in 2019, and that certainly includes Xander Bogaerts. In fact, because of all the star players around him, a lot of people overlooked just how good he was. In what easily the best year of his young

Mookie Betts: Boston Red Sox 2019 Preview

Mookie Betts 2019

Happy New Year to all! The last of 2018 has washed away and we’re officially on to 2019. With the New Year comes a perfect time to dive in to the 2019 Red Sox and the players who comprise the team. Let’s start off the series with reigning league MVP